Season 2 Episode 29 Plasencia Reserva Original Paired With Capt Morgan Private Stock

This turned out to be a really great pairing. I was a little surprised because it is so non-traditional but the palate profiles of each married very well to the other. This would be a great pairing for someone new to cigars and spirits. Also people looking to expand their palate. There are a lot of flavors going on in the Private Stock so lots of things to concentrate on. CHEERS!

Season 2 Episode 27 Drew Estate Deadwood Fat Bottom Betty With Treaty Oak Ghost Hill Bourbon

This was a surprisingly good pairing. The Deadwood FBB was a great mix of sweet and tobacco. The Ghost Hill is 57% corn and 32% wheat so it is the vein of a Buffalo Trace, Weller, or Pappy. If you like those you will like this. It too has a nice shot of sweet on the palate and some great complementing flavors as well. These two seemed like an excellent match and you should definitely try them.  CHEERS!

Season 2 Episode 21 Herrera Esteli Brazilian Paired With Laphroaig Single Malt Scotch

This was a very interesting pairing. While I am not a fan of Islay scotches in general I was very impressed with how these two paired together. The Herrera really helped to carry the scotch, it really made the scotch better. I would want to try the Laphroaig with other sticks to see if the scotch just marries well or if it was the Herrera Estelí that made the difference. I would recommend you try it and let me know what you think. CHEERS!

Season 2 Episode 20 Padron 1964 Anniversary Ed Paired With Eagle Bourbon

First I want to apologize, I refer to the stick as the 64th Anniversary edition when it is the 1964 Anniversary. Chalk it up to doing this solo with no staff to watch me.

But this matchup was an excellent one both earning 94 point ratings from me. You should definitely try these two together and I am sure either one would match very well with other sticks or spirits. I hope you enjoy it, CHEERS!