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Sticks-n-Stonez is dedicated to the pairing of premium cigars and fine spirits. I have a broad palate and do not focus solely on just scotch or whiskey in general. You will find my pairings interesting as I will pair with whiskey, run, tequila, wine, and of course cognac and brandy.

So what does Sticks-n-Stonez mean? Glad you asked! Cigars are commonly referred to as sticks. Many liquors, namely whiskey (or whisky for those across the pond) are chilled with square stones made of granite or metal. This cools the drink but does not water it down. I keep mine in the freezer so they are very cold when they go in the glass. So, stick, and stones! There, you have learned something already.

That is my goal! Not only to bring my love of cigars and spirits to the world but give everyone an opportunity to learn something they didn’t know. Even if you don’t drink or don’t smoke you still learned something.

I will stick mainly to cigars and spirits but don’t be surprised if I delve into other areas from time to time as well. That might include the economy, politics, world events, jokes. Please take everything with the light-hearted educational tone it is intended in.



Season 2 Episode 29 Plasencia Reserva Original Paired With Capt Morgan Private Stock Sticks-n-Stonez Cigar & Spirits Show

This turned out to be a really great pairing. I was a little surprised because it is so non-traditional but the palate profiles of each married very well to the other. This would be a great pairing for someone new to cigars and spirits. Also people looking to expand their palate. There are a lot of flavors going on in the Private Stock so lots of things to concentrate on. CHEERS!
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Our Host

Chief of Smoke

Brent Elrod, JD

I have been enjoying cigars since deploying to Baghdad in 2004 with the US Air Force. My love of spirits goes back much further. I have more than a decade of experience honing my craft of pairing the two together. I spent 21 years in the military. I also hold a degree in Accounting and have my Jurist Doctorate and work in emergency management for the federal government. Yes, I am diverse.

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